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Lubrication Training Classes

The most crucial aspect of your plant’s reliability program isn’t a product or service – it’s your team. Having the right lubricants on the shelf offers you no benefit without a well-trained team in place to:

  • Safely and properly handle lubricants.
  • Correctly and efficiently apply lubrication.
  • Identify and correct potential problems.

As a WARS reliability partner, you can gain peace of mind knowing that your team understands the importance of and their role in your plant lubrication program. Our classes are highly interactive, informative, and fun. Tailored to your plant’s specific needs, our classes can be scheduled around your facility’s schedules, from quick Lunch & Learn sessions to complete certification-targeting programs.

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Lubrication Training From the Experts

WARS offers high-impact lubrication classes taught by experienced, knowledgeable instructors. When you choose WARS as your reliability partner, we will evaluate your current operations and training, equipment, and reliability goals. From there, we will identify and prioritize the classes your team needs and help you determine which team members need which training.

In addition to general training, we provide certification-level programs that require participants to meet specific performance milestones to pass their classes and become certified in a particular area.

Some of our classes include:

  • Fundamentals of Lubrication
  • Fundamentals of Grease
  • Contamination Control
  • Oil Analysis Techniques and Interpretation

Our classes are open to anyone associated with your lubricants program or anyone in maintenance who can impact your company’s preventive maintenance practices.

Lubrication Instruction Development

Having the right oil or grease in the right equipment at the right time is key to a successful plant reliability program. Misapplication of lubricants can damage equipment, cause failures, or even become a safety hazard.

When the WARS team develops a reliability program for your facility, we can help develop lubrication instructions for each piece of equipment, providing a detailed guide for every step of lubricant application, changes, and sampling.

We will also evaluate your equipment for consolidation opportunities as we perform this service. By identifying products that can serve multiple pieces of equipment and developing instructions for their use, we can help reduce the number of products in your lubrication inventory, simplify your supply situation, reduce your maintenance costs, and streamline storage and handling processes.

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