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Equipment Specification & Sales

The market for lubrication products and solutions is broad, with hundreds of suppliers offering thousands of products for asset reliability. Determining what solutions will work best for your operation can be complicated, and missing one tiny detail can make the difference between a successful implementation and a nightmare of mismatched equipment, change orders, and lost revenue.

When it’s time to implement new or improved asset reliability equipment in your plant or on your site, trust WARS to match your needs to the right product the first time, every time.

The WARS Advantage: Knowledge and Experience

With WARS providing you with detailed specification requirements and sourcing your new asset reliability equipment from industry-leading suppliers, you can rest easy knowing that our recommendations come backed with:

  • A wide knowledge of the available products, their advantages and disadvantages, and how each product will be supplied and supported by the manufacturer.
  • The experience of a team with more than 100 collective years in the industry, ensuring that your plant will be served with exactly the solutions you need without wasting money on features you can’t use.

A Proven Process

When you contact WARS for your asset reliability equipment specification and sales, our team will:

  • Perform a detailed assessment of your plant or site and your equipment.
  • Analyze your specific use cases and develop detailed specifications to meet your current needs and help future-proof your operations to the extent possible.
  • Source equipment that meets or exceeds our recommended specs and work with you to get that equipment ordered, shipped, and installed.

Asset Reliability Equipment for Any Need

We sell and implement customized lubrication equipment selections, including:

  • Lube storage and handling: Streamline your asset reliability operations with products designed to help your team safely store, handle, and deploy lubricants across your operation.
  • Lube room equipment: From storage, dispensing, and handling solutions for your lube storage needs to custom reference materials and dedicated safety equipment to keep your employees safe, we can specify your lube room to make it another effective part of your asset reliability program.
  • CONEX lube room builds: Need a dedicated lube room for your plant but don’t have the space? Need a secure lube room for your construction or development site? WARS can convert a high-cube or standard CONEX shipping container into a dedicated lube room for your operation.
  • Filtration and dehydration: If contamination control is your pain point, WARS can source filtration and dehydration equipment from industry-leading suppliers to keep the lubricants in your machinery clean, dry, and effective throughout its service life.
  • Fluid condition monitoring: The condition of your lubricants isn’t just crucial for the lubricants themselves. It’s also a bellwether of potential equipment failures. With monitoring systems from WARS, get notified about issues before they develop into problems.
  • Lubrication dispensing systems: Getting the lubricants from the containers to the equipment shouldn’t be complicated. A WARS-sourced dispensing system can improve reliability program compliance through easier handling of lubrication products.
  • Design-specific lubrication systems: No matter what systems you have on your floor or site, WARS can specify and build a custom lubrication system to keep your equipment running smoothly with the lowest possible person-hour requirements.

Protect Your Investment With Walthall Asset Reliability Solutions.

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