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Lubricant Analysis Service

Your plant’s lubricants do much more than reduce friction on moving parts. Analysis of used lubricant products can provide a wealth of information about your systems’ health, helping identify ongoing issues and predict potential failures.

Oil analysis is a critical tool that helps you:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve equipment lifespan
  • Reduce lubricant consumption

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Lubricant Analysis for Almost Any Industry

Just like your annual physical exam, your equipment’s health needs to be regularly monitored. Your preventative maintenance program, including regular lubricant analysis, is critical to this ongoing monitoring. But even the best analysis is only as good as how well it can guide your future decisions. That’s why lubricant analysis services from WARS includes steps to ensure you understand what your lubrication analysis is telling you and how to transform that information into solid action plans.

WARS lubricant analysis service offers a complete solution tailored to your operations. We develop a detailed analysis and monitoring plan that includes:

  • Identifying the specific tests that will provide accurate, actionable information.
  • Determining the proper sampling frequency to ensure tests are performed on time.
  • Training for your team on the proper interpretation of test results and how to take action on those results – or arrange for WARS to review your testing results and deliver a ready-to-execute action plan.

Regardless of the types of equipment you use or the lubricants you choose to keep them running, the WARS team has amassed a thorough understanding of applications and equipment by working closely with original equipment manufacturers.

Note: At this time, WARS does not offer analysis of metalworking fluids.

Detailed Analysis From Industry Leaders

For plants using Mobil-branded lubricants, our lubricant analysis services leverage the power of MobilServ℠ to provide a full spectrum of analytics. By trusting the lubricant’s manufacturer for your testing services, you can be assured of detailed, actionable data on every sample pulled.

For other manufacturers’ lubrication products, we turn to the experts at TestOil, the industry leader in oil and lubricant analysis for over 30 years. Their state-of-the-art labs guarantee accurate results, quick turnaround times, and unmatched customer service and support.

We also partner with other labs when the situation demands to ensure that we can provide analysis services on any equipment, any lubricant, no matter what.

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