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Equipment Pre-Commissioning

Whether your equipment is brand new and fresh off the skid or just coming back into service following an overhaul, a thorough pre-commissioning will help ensure it’s coming online clean and free from particulate and other contaminants. The WARS team can prepare your equipment for a successful start or restart and give you peace of mind, knowing your equipment and its lubricants are starting their service with a clean bill of health.

We provide customized pre-commissioning services for most industrial and heavy equipment applications based on your needs and equipment specifications.

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Why Pre-Commission Your Equipment?

New and freshly overhauled equipment will contain traces of metal and other contaminants, the byproducts of manufacturing or machining. If these contaminants are not flushed out with a thorough recirculation of lubricant through the system, they will inevitably find their way into bearings and races, cylinders, journals, and other critical components, leading to:

  • Wear and/or scoring of bearing and other surfaces
  • Filter blockage
  • Low lubricant flow rates
  • Increased operating temperatures
  • Costly downtime and equipment failures
  • Significant reduction of equipment service life

With pre-commissioning from WARS, you can rest assured that your equipment will be clean and ready for operation, benefitting from:

  • Lubricants that meet ISO cleanliness standards
  • Extended life for lubricants and filters
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Longer time between maintenance and extended service life

How Does WARS Pre-Commission Equipment?

Best practices for any new installations or post-overhaul returns-to-service include a full-circulation flush of the system’s lubricants with a skid-mounted vacuum dehydrator/filter unit. Our dehydrator/filter is equipped with moisture sensors and a particle counter to monitor water and particulate contaminants as part of the circulation flush.

This equipment allows us to pre-commission equipment with lubricant viscosities up to ISO 460 cSt. We can provide custom solutions to meet your requirements and manufacturer recommendations for equipment requiring higher-viscosity lubricants.

WARS also offers extended dehydration/filtration services to ensure that your equipment is initially starting and continuing to run with clean, dry lubricant.

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